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What to do if you are buried alive


It can happen to everyone. Mishka Yaponchik used such a method. Man is buried alive to scare or to get rid of him. If second – you can only hope for yourself.

1)  Do not waste air. In the classical coffin there is a limited air supply  – for an hour or two. Make a deep breath and breathe out slowly. Making a breath, do not swallow, it causes hyperventilation. Don’t illuminate  the coffin using matches or lighter, because it takes away oxygen. You can do it with a pocket flashlight. Don’t scream. It will only make worse: heartbeating and palpation fasten and it takes more air.


2)  Try to shake the coffin lid. If it of a bad quality you can even make a hole in it with your  ring or belt buckle. Продовжувати читання “What to do if you are buried alive”