Wonderful Female Exciter – Blue Wizard | artistic advertising


That one that doesn’t give … and others

Accidentally (honestly) I stumbled upon this product when I mourned for my stolen bike in Google and found out whether it is profitable to send to Ukraine from Britain nuts, peanuts, cashews and pistachios with boxes (transportation fee – 1.3 pounds / kg). In short it turned out that salted fried peanut is 2.5 times cheaper in London. So, when you come across coolvertisment of a product, take a look at how well it is described.

Female еxciter Blue Wizard begins to act in 15 minutes. A girl may have a slight dizziness Продовжувати читання “Wonderful Female Exciter – Blue Wizard | artistic advertising”

I will take the exam (ZNO) from a photo for $ 300


I wanna tell about one great episode of my hungry youth. Once upon a time, I was a tutor at one of the “cool” boy, whose parents worked in the administration of another president. And I was in the first year of NaUKMA.So that money (90 UAH for two years of English and history) was very relevant to me. And I was preparing that lazy and unmotivated because of his parents` financial guy to the ZNO. It took a bit of time. I did not teach him much. At a certain stage, as a result, under the pressure of his parents, I refused and said that it was a very unclear task to motivate such a spoiled guy. And close to the ZNO, someone called me. It was his mother. I was asked to go with his passport (he doesn’t resemble me at all)  and to take tests for him for 300 bucks. Продовжувати читання “I will take the exam (ZNO) from a photo for $ 300”

How to beat the police effectively | Koliyivschyna 2.0


original post date: 12.08.2012

“Together, it’s easier to rape officials` children and to repel the cops` kidneys”

Preparing to the protest do not forget to bring with you:

Before going to any rally, you should prepare well in advance, take all the necessary tools with you, even if you would not need it. After all, prepared literally means “armed”.

1) You need a jacket or sweatshirt with a hood, a face mask, a respirator and swimming goggles to protect against gas and also to remain a good anonymous. Продовжувати читання “How to beat the police effectively | Koliyivschyna 2.0”

Sizif with a square stone | the evolution of views and attitudes



It seems that some cardinal changes in my life sneak up so suddenly that few years later – oh blah- I realized myself an atheist, the smoker that ceased to trust people. These are the changes that grow like a tree. Today I want to tell about other changes. They are sudden and one-time:

1) At 9:21 pm London time, in the mirror in the toilet that is on the first floor under the stairs, as in Harry Potter, I fixed for the first time entirely black hair in my three weeks beard. That time my bristle was only red, chestnut or something like this.

2) At the same moment I realized and decided for a long time that it is super annoying when I’m on a toilet and someone starts to chat with me behind the door. Instead of letting a person to calm down and relax- it is asked to Продовжувати читання “Sizif with a square stone | the evolution of views and attitudes”

Migrant workers` legend about the emergence of (* the world) light



Sit when the evening comes outside, turn on this composition, relax, listen carefully to the end and try to read it.
Skryabin – ‘Sraka'(Ass)

A bit more of light GNAW every new day.In my life, there are a few positive things.

After “once again I was disappointed in reality” the awareness that you have to fight for all the best came.

When you are a laborer time for hobbies, pleasure, active rest, self-development, art … you have to win against the work, fatigue, time (as an abstract of the anthropomorphic Продовжувати читання “Migrant workers` legend about the emergence of (* the world) light”

First Ukrainian zombie book “Bread with cartilages” | review



” Radio of the Living Dead” makes a real-time report of the end of the world from the village of Mitsne in the Kyiv region. The apocalypse will not be gentle to you, and it will last longer than the ripple of the survival instinct. A former priest stands on the doorstep of his house, and his prayer is simple: is an ax or an automatic machine? ”

The novel of horror “Bread with cartilages” by Mikhail Brihniyah, was published in early 2012 at the publishing house “Yarosaviv Val.” It went on sale in bookshops “E.” (168 pages, in an edition of 3000 numbered copies, the price is 42.93 UAH)

Buy for 38 UAH in publishing house.

Honestly, the zombie book has taken the origins of a national history, which is somewhat Продовжувати читання “First Ukrainian zombie book “Bread with cartilages” | review”

List of pranks for 3.5 years of my student life



It was supposed to be a huge, solid article about the fact that the dorm room is the pillar of the student’s ‘I.’ But I decided not to spread, but to play in the Cursed Treasure, and therefore sorry me and wait for the next time. Incidentally, it is a very cool game (for fans of games like TOWER DEFENSE)

In short, Ukrainian dormitories are very similar to conventional multi-story buildings for adults. And Ukrainian students are far from the All-Global Student Ideal than the European or American ones. Продовжувати читання “List of pranks for 3.5 years of my student life”