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Bogdan Dubyliovsky. 18 Cases

My work experience in 18 cases       CV



  1. Advertising segmentation for U-Report (budget 200 000 UAH for 120 days).
  2. Case of cooperation with news agency Firtka

Results: more than 12 0000 new subscribers for seven months; 35% of total site traffic is now being generated from Facebook)

  1. Promotion of media holding ecosystem on trade with China – Chinese Kompot  

Territory: CIS  

Results: the number of referrals to the site increased for 70%; the number of completed forms – for 24% ; +12,000 followers for 6 months

  1. Working with Check Point Business Media. Full page management. Examples of posting in specialized sections. Продовжувати читання “Bogdan Dubyliovsky. 18 Cases”