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Are you already Ubuntu?


Windows 7 bugged very much. No one had the drive to reinstall. And then the neighbor advised the Ubuntu. Firstly, it was scaring. I thought it would be inconvenient; I have no idea about that thing. I downloaded it from a flash drive, but I wasted two trying. On the third day in 40 minutes, I delivered a fantastic steep free-market operating system without any viruses. All files are saved.

Programs fly, the center of downloading software and support integrated into the desktop – all the necessary applications are searched on the Internet automatically. Here is a forum where all your problems have been solved for a long time and have been posted on how to do it. http://ubuntuforums.org/ Продовжувати читання “Are you already Ubuntu?”

How to watch horror movies? | best place is a tent in the cemetery


I came across a blogger post, where he claims that horror films are actually scaring, but he is not afraid and therefore this genre is not suitable for him. I, as a fan of this genre, was shocked by this statement. So I decided to share some knowledge and ideas – how to watch horror movies right.

1) In no case do not watch the horror movie in the company. If you want to be scared, you need to be alone. The company is the best to watch comedies, couple is for romantic Продовжувати читання “How to watch horror movies? | best place is a tent in the cemetery”

Wonderful Female Exciter – Blue Wizard | artistic advertising


That one that doesn’t give … and others

Accidentally (honestly) I stumbled upon this product when I mourned for my stolen bike in Google and found out whether it is profitable to send to Ukraine from Britain nuts, peanuts, cashews and pistachios with boxes (transportation fee – 1.3 pounds / kg). In short it turned out that salted fried peanut is 2.5 times cheaper in London. So, when you come across coolvertisment of a product, take a look at how well it is described.

Female еxciter Blue Wizard begins to act in 15 minutes. A girl may have a slight dizziness Продовжувати читання “Wonderful Female Exciter – Blue Wizard | artistic advertising”

What to do if you are buried alive


It can happen to everyone. Mishka Yaponchik used such a method. Man is buried alive to scare or to get rid of him. If second – you can only hope for yourself.

1)  Do not waste air. In the classical coffin there is a limited air supply  – for an hour or two. Make a deep breath and breathe out slowly. Making a breath, do not swallow, it causes hyperventilation. Don’t illuminate  the coffin using matches or lighter, because it takes away oxygen. You can do it with a pocket flashlight. Don’t scream. It will only make worse: heartbeating and palpation fasten and it takes more air.


2)  Try to shake the coffin lid. If it of a bad quality you can even make a hole in it with your  ring or belt buckle. Продовжувати читання “What to do if you are buried alive”

Top 70 the most heartfelt girls desires

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The list of how to become an ideal boyfriend

  1. To buy crazy second hand clothes and go in it to the restaurant
  2. Cunnilingus is how you satisfy
  3. To exchange passwords from Vk and Facebook, but to log in to a page one another only with the permission. That`s trust.
  4. Fill in a tattoo
  5. To have very-very-very-very light BDSM against my will, with a passion that I will not even think about salvationбажання.jpg
  6. To have sex on the roof under the stars. To have sex on nature – forest, field, near lake( our exhibitionism) or in the toilet (public place). To have sex on the beach in Продовжувати читання “Top 70 the most heartfelt girls desires”

Хрустальна Свиноферма.pdf

Я тут подумав раптом комусь буде треба. Пам’ятаю рік тому не зміг знайти тексту і один добрий чувачок відсканував мені цю книжку. От. Користуйтесь.


Тест-драйв шпигунських окулярів з камерою 1080 HD

1080 HD Camera Eyeware на 5 мегапікселів. Камера узагалі непомітна. Виглядають доволі пристойно, ба навіть хвильками стильно. Може записувати до 1 год відео(батареї на більше не стає, хоча є умільці які самопально за винагороду розширять вам можливість зйомки до 5-7 год. На ютубі бачив одного толкового москалика).

Вважаю такі шкельця гарним інструментом для розвитку громадського суспільства. Помічними будуть у викритті хабарників, дрібних чиновників на місцях, ректорів, викладачів, паспортистів та інших мухомамонтів. Дайош технологічну революцію в маси!!!

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