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I left Kyiv-Mohyla Academy at my 4th year, and do you have the balls for it?

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During my second and third years in Academy i used to talk about the decadence of higher education in Ukraine and at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in particular. My friend and I spent nights on the window sills of our student`s hostel, complaining about the hard student’s fate, and crying on each other’s shoulder. Everything was wrong: education awful and useless, there was no work after graduation, nobody was engaged in science – everyone just gets diplomas – plastic paper status selection in an even more uncertain bubble society. Professors and tutors were just like decoration and walked to the job to rid a desk and get paid. Most of those rotten apples just don’t share knowledge; they keep all the details, nuances and tricks in secret. Swarms of liberal art courses are so hermetic with their forced theoretical despair. Four millions of putzes every year listening to music on their road to stone jungles of melancholy. Finally, when I was at my fourth year, I’ve managed to keep all my thoughts, word and deeds together.. I couldn’t stand it anymore – all that awkwardness

and absurdity of profane education, so I decided to ‘get up and get out’.  I continued to live in the hostel up to the end of academic year. In this situation I only make sure what a rotten system we have there. I had not been a student for three months already, and dean’s office not even found time to call and to inform my parents about it, despite the fact that there were only 3500 of students. What was stranger that even the hostel’s

commandant knew nothing about it. Thus, I lived there, went to gym, was sleeping more, became interested in arts, was thinking and searching for a job, and even tried different crazy naive things. The only thing I’m sorry for is that I haven’t left it during the 3rd year. So, if you need my advice – don’t hesitate and do it earlier (to those brave whom it may concern). The fact is that on the 4th yearкину.jpgyour friends and cams will dig into their diploma papers, search for work and you won’t have such great and careless communication as it was. You will spend very little time together. So first, second and third years of study is your gold time!

Finally, I’d like to figure out a specific list of reasons for my complete rejection of university education in Ukraine:

  1.     Lack of work prospects with a competitive salary.
  2.     Higher education (diploma paper) is not a social lift anymore. It became priceless, Продовжувати читання “I left Kyiv-Mohyla Academy at my 4th year, and do you have the balls for it?”