Das ist ideal birthday party


народж When I was a child and teenager I was stressed about how birthday parties were traditionally held. Then I wasn’t able to change something as well as to point on it. We all gathered around the table and were eating and talking, talking and eating. I was so bored about it
Not so long time ago I realized how it should be and how I want it to be. My perfect b-day party should be the following.
Let’s name it ‘Ukrainian-speaking bloggers Congress with the wiki-training elements startup farm’.
We will have the food court available all the time somewhere in the corner. All the celebrating will last for several days and there is a certain to-do list
Morning starts from water polo game and having fun in the pool. Fruits for breakfast. After it we create 20 new average sized articles to ukrainian wikipedia. Each of us translates only one paragraph in the online document. Then – football, volleyball, ping-pong, tennis, billiards, archery. Dinner. Brainstorming to collect all the ideas for possible and just interesting projects. After sharing in groups and developing interesting ideas we transform them into projects. Then focus groups. Our supper turns into food fight and pool party with lights and tits (You can take them with you)
Finally after 23:00 – the lights are slowly dimming, stylish pub music is turning, people are sitting on leather sofas with whiskey and cold tea. All the guests are playing board games. Mafia goes to sleep.
Wake up alarm in the morning and one more intensive day starts. This time we with some kind of strange experiments.das ist ideal birthday partydas ist ideal birthday party

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