24 hours surfing the Internet and staying productive | recipe-secret


Accidentally, a cool household tip came to mind. It improves productivity, cures a cold and a bad state of health, and makes you periodically to let your eyes to rest from your computer.

So, the recipe is alike this:

1. Before or during the process (no matter when, the main thing to do) FILL IN TEA IN ALL AVAILABLE PANS, POTS AND OTHER HUGE CAPACITY. Add everywhere some sugar, чайlemons, whatever you like in tea. Generally, as experience show for one person weighing 64 kg, there are enough 4 bottles 2 liters each. (in order not to dissolve the bureaucracy or not to have too much)
3. Don`t forget (you can have alarm every 3 minutes) – drink tea and brew new. Also freeze as much ice as you can in special containers. So you can throw some ice in tea and immediately make it good for drinking. Thanks to this you do not have to wait and you can drink tea LITERS.
And even better, just go to drink before you go to the toilet. (in the process you warm up to substances that you go to the toilet every 7-10 minutes). And then you drink again in the toilet. Regularly do microbreaks and save productivity all night in front of the monitor, surfing or creating content on the Internet

Possible problems: 4.льод

Stomachaches from excessive water will not last forever. You will not be able to do anything about it. You need to balance somehow not to stretch your stomach.

it is difficult to breathe from swollen tea belly. it eventually passes. Or you are fat. Well, idrk. it is necessary to research and experiment.

After hours of the ritual, you might want to vomit from tea. So you need to change the taste of tea, add more or less malt, some syrups, extracts. the main thing is that it should be tasty.
Comment on, share your observations. I am waiting for the impressions, reviews.

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