How to watch horror movies? | best place is a tent in the cemetery


I came across a blogger post, where he claims that horror films are actually scaring, but he is not afraid and therefore this genre is not suitable for him. I, as a fan of this genre, was shocked by this statement. So I decided to share some knowledge and ideas – how to watch horror movies right.

1) In no case do not watch the horror movie in the company. If you want to be scared, you need to be alone. The company is the best to watch comedies, couple is for romantic ones. Everything has its ideal number.

2) Never watch horror film in the afternoon. This is completely ineffective. When you are distracted by the birds in the street, the windows show you other people and everywhere is light and safe. There is no dark corner even, from which a monster could get out hypothetically.

3) It is desirable not to eat and not to grab anything. As you know, it has relaxing effect and very distracting.

4) Do not read reviews with spoilers, detailing all the turns of the plot. This is ridiculous to do and then say that the film is not frightful.

5) From the first seconds of the watching, focus on what happens in the film, not on oneself or your thoughts. Your goal is to feel all fear, not to criticize work of the cameramen and scriptwriters all the time. Try to observe all the details and immerse in emotional perception as more possible rather than logical. Because fear is the sphere of ​​emotion, not rational.

6) It is best to set the alarm for 2-3 am and wake up specifically to watch the movie. Sleeping will be kind of curtain, boundary, portal, which EVEN A LITTLE BIT distinguishes you from the everyday, home life and the real world.

7) Close the curtains, don’t let any light to be in a room. Wear headphones. Give the sound a little more than average. (Avoid straining your hearing) + The headphones help you to deal with mediators and carriers. You would be a direct participant in events and sounds do not come from the speaker of a laptop, and they are almost in your head.

8) Sit back to the door. Open the door . (This is an archetypal psychological method that increases anxiety and fear). Even australopithecines were sitting back to the wall of the cave and watching the entrance to see everything that comes to the house.

This will increase your anxiety, fears and doubts that someone is watching from the darkness and is approaching you through a doorway.


If you go to the cinema, you need to choose a night session, where there are just 3-4 more people besides you in the hall. Take a sit not in your place, but as far away as possible from other viewers, so that you feel alone.

Hence here is my version of the perfect conditions for watching horror movies:

Come at 11 pm in the old cemetery. Put a tent approximately in the center, onto a suitable place somewhere between the tombs, near the bench. Perform a symbolic ritual: stick the inverted cross in the ground near the tent and read the ‘Lord`sPrayer’ back three times. Then, light up seven candles and go walking through the cemetery, randomly choose seven graves and loudly (veryyy loudly) ask the dead, each person personally to visit you today (the format of the statements can be found in the spiritual literature). Take a handful of earth from each tomb and a put it near the entrance to your tent. Lie in a sleeping bag, leave the tent open. Sit back to the exit. Turn on the movie on a pre-charged laptop. Have pleasant creepy view!

It may seem that these rituals are devoid of meaning and actually stupid, however, despite believing or not, the physical performing of the ritual affects your psycho-physical state, your thoughts, emotions and mood. Therefore, you simply (intentionally) internalize fear in yourself. And a cemetery ( as an archetype tabooed space) will only positively affect the level of anxiety. The tent forms a situation in which you will be alone and defenseless in the bare area in the middle of a sacred territory where you can be attacked from any side, where you do not protected by any walls and where you ask for retribution of dark forces because of defiling the rest of the dead .

Morgue is also a good option (but you need to have friends or to be able to enter illegally) or funeral bureau near someone who will be buried soon. You can easily fit into the coffin. Another cool option is to be buried by your acquaintances in a real tomb. (However, be careful with oxygen)

There is, an easier option, of course. You can rent a house near the cemetery, with windows overlooking the crosses. Split your friends around the rooms, open windows and sit down for watching. You can also watch in the dungeons of the Pidhirtsi castle or at all in any abandoned castle. Briefly, give freedom to your imagination and do remember that the implementation of specially designed rituals works regardless of whether you believe in supernatural forces or not. The level of fear and good effect can be greatly enhanced by making subjective efforts to this.

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