I will take the exam (ZNO) from a photo for $ 300


I wanna tell about one great episode of my hungry youth. Once upon a time, I was a tutor at one of the “cool” boy, whose parents worked in the administration of another president. And I was in the first year of NaUKMA.So that money (90 UAH for two years of English and history) was very relevant to me. And I was preparing that lazy and unmotivated because of his parents` financial guy to the ZNO. It took a bit of time. I did not teach him much. At a certain stage, as a result, under the pressure of his parents, I refused and said that it was a very unclear task to motivate such a spoiled guy. And close to the ZNO, someone called me. It was his mother. I was asked to go with his passport (he doesn’t resemble me at all)  and to take tests for him for 300 bucks.

I agreed after thinking for a little bit. You know money is needed in the first year, and such people as me – risk, troubles, and adventures – that is for happiness. Well, in short, the day and time have come, I’ve already learned Google Maps by heart, I go, there the police officer checks all passports at the entrance. I gave my passport, and my legs were ready to run away. Ok, unexpectedly, and I have already passed. He probably just could not believe that such insolence and outright oppression was possible at all. I went to the necessary office. I thought that money is already in the pocket and here at the entrance is another checking. And other teachers entered the room. She was shocked and very loudly began to recognize me-not-me. So, they just saw my feets running away. Then our hero was waiting in front of the school -as a reserve. And all the same, he had to take it by himself.

This is such an okazia. So you know, something interesting might really happen in life.

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