How to beat the police effectively | Koliyivschyna 2.0


original post date: 12.08.2012

“Together, it’s easier to rape officials` children and to repel the cops` kidneys”

Preparing to the protest do not forget to bring with you:

Before going to any rally, you should prepare well in advance, take all the necessary tools with you, even if you would not need it. After all, prepared literally means “armed”.

1) You need a jacket or sweatshirt with a hood, a face mask, a respirator and swimming goggles to protect against gas and also to remain a good anonymous.

2) It is imperative to have a backpack in which there are few stones, some pavement, a glass bottle, glass fragments. If your dad or mom is able to get some acid, grab it with you and share with your friends-activists.


3) Already tomorrow it is necessary to buy gas cartridges, electric shocks, fibroglass knives in the Internet-shops for yourself and as gifts for relatives and friends. Or you can just sharpen a long key, 5 kopecks on each side. These objects can be used to cut and stab enemies during protest rallies and rallies with regime bitches. Also, think about defenses and make a small shield (to protect from batons). It can be redeveloped from the lid or just use it without developing 🙂

4) learn how to make a Molotov cocktail.

I decided to draw up a list of various things that would inevitably destroy the current system of power, degrade social institutions and accelerate those great changes that we all expect.

0) If you meet a well-drunk policeman, repel his kidneys.

0.1) Start jerking off when you stopped by the policeman and do not stop – here’s a video tutorial

1) If your neighbor is a paunchy cop, degrader or malicious official and you know exactly about his misuse and sins from the victims, wake up open day in the morning and pierce the wheels of his car with a shovel or knife. You can just hit a nail. In addition, paint with a balloon (aerosol paint – sold in any construction or auto shop) his windshields. You can also leave the message where and in what he is not right. If you are more decisive and brave, you can take trophies – mirrors or an icon.

2) If you are working in a cafe, do not miss the opportunity to throw the plum into a salad, spit into coffee, piss a little bit at the soup (but not everything at the same time, because he will notice a change in taste)

3) If any such above-mentioned carcass lives in your porch, do not be too lazy to shit at night under his door. In that case, you can use your dog 🙂 You know how stylish it will be to tell it your friends next day. You can show photos and even video. More agile people can climb on the roof and cut off a specific Internet cable, break the TV antenna. Or you can buy and send him a wreath, a letter with his photo in the mourning frame of the type ‘Grieving and remember …’

4) If you are a schoolboy and you have a pretentious guy in the class, or a official`s son-chump …. – You can also defend your native edge. Start to bully, prejudice, rease and ignore these bluish, rising bastard. For example, do as in the old good Hollywood movie. f
Fill in a YouTube video, where you wash in a toilet one of the “coolest” of the prosecutors` sons. Do not take them into soccer teams, do not walk together …

5) Call at night if you know their numbers, write them all kinds of threats and shit, spam on their pages on social networks, during a meeting you can give a hit the stomach, spit, beat, humiliate. Then they will start to feel the real hostility of the environment. You need to immediately start abase them everywhere and all time.

6) If you repair the technique and one of them refer to you – …. (you know what tot do)

7) Write obituary in newspapers about the death of local government officials. Do this from another area so that editors do not know the names.

8) Sell damaged defective firecrackers and fireworks to them. Lack of arms and legs is guaranteed.

9) No congratulations. Never.

10) If you are incurably ill or old, or you want to suicide, do it in favor. You can become a national hero. You just need to throw bricks on their heads, repel their eyes with pneumatics, crossbow, slingshot (all in free access and you can buy it at any time), kill at a close contact.

11) If you have a hidden weapon or you know where you can find it, you can give it to active and conscious people, or just provide them with information.

12) Stop paying taxes. Do not open the door to inspections or services that come to cut off your gas or water. if they cut off, reconnect.

13) Unauthorized build, install autonomous heating, do not bend for various permissions. Do not go to the offices, because you don`t want to give a bribe or be fucked. Do not pay fines. Make sabotage at all even the tiniest levels, when it has the least impact on your health.

14) If you are an entrepreneur, lead double accounting, hide taxes from the state.

15) If you are a recruiter, hide from the army, just do not come, go working in another city. Do not be bored, do not give bribes.

16) Do not waste the chance to break with impunity windows of offices, shops, shopping malls that belong to the same creatures. You see that there are no cameras and completely deserted, pull a hood more on the face and threw a stone and all the deeds.

17) Go to the elections, but not to vote. Break it!

18) If you are a student and live in a campus, when you go to study , leave open water, turn on the light. This will speed up the regime collapse.

18) If you need to break a law that does not harm the society – without thinking to break it. It is necessary to break the regime, walk anarchy and disorder, so that the throne shook under their heavy battles, and they then fell and hardly killed.

19) If you are an artist, pick up a group of friends and for a night draw few of billboards in the center with the image of the powers` corpses. You can hang up recognizable dolls of officials on trees in parks.

20) If there is a chance, burn the cars and destroy THEIR private property. This is the beginning.


21) Let down a dog on them if you have one

22) Buy or give slider to your friend. In the evening, you can have a wonderful walk along the fences of chic mansions and throw stones or metal balls at windows .

23) When the protest turns out to be widespread, and the atmosphere will be foreseen everywhere, it is time to pierce the wheels of trolley buses, buses directly in the center and so on. Destabilize the transport situation. Cut off electricity and gas lines to oligarchies.

24) Instead of self-immolation – burn the estate of the nearest judge, prosecutor, etc., with all living things inside. Whom faith does not allow , burn an empty house … .And if you have a car, beat down that shit in expensive lexus.

25) If you are timid, or physically not strong, but you have some money , you can pay homeless or alcoholic to inflict them some kind of physical or material damage.

26) If you are an athlete-gay, invite friends and launch in a circle every available fucking liar in your area.
27) Even if you are not pedophile – by order – rape their children to break all for the memory of next generations. They must die, they must be sacrificed. We have to clean our blood in the days of Kolyivshchyna. They have to fear us, fear the people’s anger. So you have to destroy all what they love.

28) Let your dogs piss in the graves of their ancestors. Do the same if it is possible.


29) Share all your emotions into public creativity, share good deeds and actions on the Internet, unite. tOGETHER IT`S EASIER TO RAPE OFFICIALS` KIDS AND TO REPEL THE COPS` KIDNEYS.

Anger has to blind us! We need this revolution. Great changes will come, when blood will be erased from our land,. We must reject morality and mercy and just take the fork. Do it all over Europe and continue everywhere.

I hope you do have bright enough imagination to read, come up and add a lot of interesting points.


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