Sizif with a square stone | the evolution of views and attitudes



It seems that some cardinal changes in my life sneak up so suddenly that few years later – oh blah- I realized myself an atheist, the smoker that ceased to trust people. These are the changes that grow like a tree. Today I want to tell about other changes. They are sudden and one-time:

1) At 9:21 pm London time, in the mirror in the toilet that is on the first floor under the stairs, as in Harry Potter, I fixed for the first time entirely black hair in my three weeks beard. That time my bristle was only red, chestnut or something like this.

2) At the same moment I realized and decided for a long time that it is super annoying when I’m on a toilet and someone starts to chat with me behind the door. Instead of letting a person to calm down and relax- it is asked to borrow money, wash plates, throw socks in the washing machine.

2 whole 5 tenths) I’d like to add a couple of phrases from earnings in London: “Do that taburetka(chair) and make me this fucking potolok(ceiling)”, “I don’t speak the london”, “I am not an underground”, “skruzu-screws-camorizzi”.

3) I have a special attitude to profanities. (I always distort the phrase, I’m already tired of fixing it). Until last weekend, I held the thought-attitude-ideology-philosophy that I do not really need bad words; I consciously banned myself from using it. I considered they are uniquely negative phenomenon, later i decided they are more negative than positive anyway. But after watching the clip ‘Tanuna – TraTaTa’ I finally decided that profanity is a very powerful part of our language that can make important social changes without which art loses a lot of valuable spheres and possible masterpieces. Of course, in the past when I listened to Mason or the Camedia club or the News of Chernivtsi, where the lyrics were full of bad words, I liked it secretly, but I did not change my external worldview. Inertia is a great force. If you float for a long time in the chosen course, it’s not so easy to change other direction, it’s not so easy. (Also, cultural artifacts, in which bad words increase artistic value: Les Poderevianskyi, 200 Boys, Shnurov, pages in Vk with really useful anecdotes with profanities.)

Yes yes, bad words have unusual strength and deep expressiveness, give a phrase more realism and features. We build brutality on them.

So, see ya, suckers!
P.C.: And this is a cool interview with Dzidzio. He is a cool man however. Maybe when i have mood, I will write a post about the modern Galician batir and in general, the rise of the Ukrainian (exclusively Ukrainian) visual culture, as a result of the growth of sales of mirrors (the kind of camera 🙂

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