First Ukrainian zombie book “Bread with cartilages” | review



” Radio of the Living Dead” makes a real-time report of the end of the world from the village of Mitsne in the Kyiv region. The apocalypse will not be gentle to you, and it will last longer than the ripple of the survival instinct. A former priest stands on the doorstep of his house, and his prayer is simple: is an ax or an automatic machine? ”

The novel of horror “Bread with cartilages” by Mikhail Brihniyah, was published in early 2012 at the publishing house “Yarosaviv Val.” It went on sale in bookshops “E.” (168 pages, in an edition of 3000 numbered copies, the price is 42.93 UAH)

Buy for 38 UAH in publishing house.

Honestly, the zombie book has taken the origins of a national history, which is somewhat unusual, but at the same time, ordinary and even more fun, isn’t it?) Pretty relational.

Score: 6.3 \ 10. It’s worth getting to know. For walking-deads-lovers, it’s imperative to read. Since this is the first attempt. But it still shocking. It was written by a young author to see if someone will buy that (zombie-themed). Therefore, neither the plot was developed well, nor the characters were shown detailed to empathize them. The storyline is poor; there are no unexpected and exciting twists, heroes are flat, patterned and decorative. The volume of the book itself is very small – readable for 3-4 hours. Price, as for me, clearly overestimated. If I had not been a fan, I would never have bought it.
Despite the possible reader’s expectations, it is not too filled with the naturalistic scenes of cannibalism. All horrors occur schematically in a novel. Instead, the psychological background of events and the state of living participants are described very detailedly.
Characters are bordered with stamps of mass culture. Here is a militant priest, and exciting teens, and a hidden journalist from the Radio of the Living Dead, and so on. This external recognition makes it easy to read subtexts.
This is a psychological novel that pretends to be scary. Therefore, many readers might like “Bread with cartilage.” Here both admirers of “Saws,” and fans of serious crime and punishment will find something interesting. (Another review)

Here is a good review from LiteAccent

Here is a video report of the Mohyla School of Journalism:

video story of channel 24:

Here’s what the author says: “Before finding your way to the reader,” Bread with cartilages “traveled for a long time from one publishing house to another. I asked five publishers to publish this novel, and no one gave me an answer,” says the author. – They all understood that this book would never be sold, and concluded that it contained a certain number of ideas that could be dangerously understood and have a negative image impact for the publishing house. I turned to Mikhail Slaboshpitsky and the publishing house “Yaroslaviv Val” turned completely accidentally. When he agreed to publish this novel, I was amazed. I still do not understand for what reason he did it. “

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