List of pranks for 3.5 years of my student life



It was supposed to be a huge, solid article about the fact that the dorm room is the pillar of the student’s ‘I.’ But I decided not to spread, but to play in the Cursed Treasure, and therefore sorry me and wait for the next time. Incidentally, it is a very cool game (for fans of games like TOWER DEFENSE)

In short, Ukrainian dormitories are very similar to conventional multi-story buildings for adults. And Ukrainian students are far from the All-Global Student Ideal than the European or American ones.

After having visited several hundred rooms:

2 dormitories of NaUKMA

14 dormitories of KPI

4 dorm rooms of National Aviation University

3 attempts to get into the dorm rooms of Drahomanov university

It was concluded that the situation is mostly the same everywhere due to the deviations of individual details. In total, the below is VERY SMALL. Everyone as a woodlouse is sitting in their rooms and ( then three variants):

1) twiddle their thumbs 2) study hard 3) play games 4) sit on the Internet 5) prepare to eat 6) in toilet 7) in the shower

These activities take about 90% of the time in 95% of the students. (data may fluctuate because they are approximate).

So it seems that the dormitory, which would have been a part of the brothel*, a moonshine apparatus of thousands of processes, thoughts, actions …… .. in Ukraine is more like ordinary multistory, although very different, but not so much for me to like it.

I want it to be a bunch of random acquaintances, hilarious projects, spontaneous actions, fabulous tricks, hundreds of various attempts, mistakes, pre-dawn walkings, and inspirational conversations. All this should form a STUDENT identity.

laughing, careless, intelligent, arrogant, inexperienced, maximalist, naive, a little bit shy, playful, open to new, curious, risky

It is municipal space belonging to all but temporarily and high concentration of people, none of whom reached the age of 24 years.

In short, everything is what … I thought … .but only water … top down … .all will disappear once … and this also… I hope

And the phenomenon of no-writing-comments – under – any- content (reviews and reviews on articles, films, ……) is connected with this phenomenon of minimized lifestyle…Sooner or later, I will understand who is responsible for this.

Epilogue. All the following is an artistic invention and installation. All coincidences are random.

Of course, I’m not without a beam in my eye. Also, on the background of the common nothing-doing, etc., there are only some outbreaks that can be seen, some societal manifestations of student life. So I decided to make a list of all that I emphasized and what was interested in 3.5 years of my student life:

1. Wet Monday in the dormitory (with the pelvis, bowl, buckets, bottles along the corridors, rooms ….)

2. Swimming of crazy boys in panties in the snow (t -20)

3. Pianos` funeral

4. Massage salon of luxurious rest (for 15 UAH we used to massage girls: one massaged, another read poems, prose …, there were candles, aromatic sticks …). Business did not become too profitable

5. Carpentry Services (any small repair of furniture, or installation work of curbstones, cornices, locks, wallpaper … ..)

6. Food delivery service (waffles Gofre ……). My friend who was the only client was not served.

7. The artistic center ‘KHALTURA’ (foam lining, wallpaper, curtains, find chairs and napkins, painted windows with a balloon, bedside tables, brought a free sofa, and then hid so that it would not be belched again). (See more: history of the creation of Khaltura and feedback from its opening)

8. I picked up on the two floors of the charitable dormitory 600 UAH

9. I started a bookcrossing twicely ( collected about 1,000 books in the rooms and the half handed over to the Troyeschina Gymnasium, but there was no bookcrossing. The director berated us, and we gave away all the books in the library)

10. Skating rink on the roof of the 9th floor

11. Service for replacing ethernet cables
12. Several dates on the roof (movies, dancing, star-watching, notyourcase, eating)

13. The quest for the girl (she fumbled in the garbage around the dormitory, toilet bowls and made other various disgraces so that in case you already know who to turn to

14. Had the party on the roof of a 25-storeyed building

15. Climb as Romeo without insurance through the balcony of 2 floors | to the girl

16. organized zero-resonant exhibition of surrealist paintings on different walls of the dormitory`s corridors

17. Extricated my and not my siblings with sheets-and-not only

18. My friend and I published another book (Anthology of Surrealism, Futurism, and Dadaism ZVIZDOBOLÍD). The pieces of the book can be read here.

19. I was a stalker in Pripyat. Attempt to do that business. (putting advertisements on the subway ……)

20. Two flash mobs ‘Student’s abduction in Pashkov’ and Depressed sung Pink Floyd’

21. I made a dormitory e-mail newsletter

22. I learned to walk on my hands and did not learn a lunar walk

23. I bought a сoursework.

24. I started the blog and taught three more friends

25. Played cossacks on the Internet

26. I became a couchsurfer (hosted interesting people from Poland, USA, Germany, France in the dormitory), tried to make parties with them

27. Threw the university

Okay, because it’s too late. I will go to bed. Then somehow, in a state of affection, I will write the second part of the list, there will be a dozen secrets

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