Ultimate guide to kyivs 1-euro-bars

What can 1 euro buy in a bar? In some of the Kyiv bars, anything.
A new craze for 1-euro bars, where all or most items on the menu cost just around Hr 30, is sweeping the capital, with new venues popping up around the city center.

Bilyi Nalyv

Kyiv’s first cider house can be recognized by the long queue of customers on Khreshchatyk Street patiently waiting to place an order. The line usually moves fast though, because the orders are processed quickly.


Most of its beverages are based on apples, hence the name Bilyi Nalyv — a popular apple

variety in Ukraine similar to the White Transparent. The bar’s specialty is apple cider made by a Ukrainian manufacturer in Cherkasy Oblast.

The bartenders pour cider from the barrels hanging from the wall one meter away from the glasses. This way, the bar claims, the cider becomes saturated with oxygen, enriching its flavor. For colder seasons, Bilyi Nalyv serves up homemade-style apple liqueur and hot apple punch with cinnamon and anise.

The food menu has regular and vegan hot dogs seasoned with caramelized onions and apple chips. There are also apple pies and chicken pies. The most gourmet item on the menu are oysters, which come from Ukraine’s Kherson Oblast. They are served with a slice of lemon.

The bar is part of the Gastro Family chain by the well-known Kyiv restaurateur Dmytro Borysov.

Bilyi Nalyv has about 50 indoor seating places and several high bar tables shaped like barrels for standing outside. It’s pet-friendly, but doesn’t take reservations.

Prices: apple cider, liqueur, punch — Hr 29; regular and vegan hot dogs, apple and chicken pies, oysters — Hr 29 apiece.

Bilyi Nalyv. 23A Khreshchatyk St. 10 a. m. — 11 p. m. (10 a. m. — 2 a. m. on Fri, Sat) +38098 885 8744

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