History of the establishment of the artistic center ‘Khaltura’


presentation on the wall demolition (document with pictures, interior design, concept)

Two dudes at night. Corridor hostel. A sleeping conversation about everything, nothing, and life.

– It would be nice to put up sofas on each floor.

– Yeah, it’s also possible to get for free or to buy old ones.

It all began like this. Quite often, we met at night, in the evenings, in the days, in the kitchens, and discussed a variety of exciting ideas that IF to do them and what to do and how bad it is and that all these vegetables(people) are passive, fearful, sloth, etc. But the expressed idea was perceived by us as an accomplished and completed task. Thoughts were inseparable from words; words had nothing in common with actions. But everything went wrong because at this night an aversion to idleness and an irrelevant, detached from life chatter became especially aggravated. Therefore, we just went and brought a free sofa found on the Internet. We collected 200 hryvnias for it delivery walking from room to room on two floors of the dorm room. That was enough for us. We were fatigued. We picked up 600 UAH. So, it becomes clear that it is possible to set up a sofa for local parties in the lobby of each floor near the elevators. The project started and one storey was already ready. The idea grew. Now reading space on the 9th floor was supposed to combine with the artistic center. We had to destroy two walls, connect the room with a corridor and a hall and lock the door. That is to divide the passage into two and make it impenetrable.

However, precisely two days later it happened. The sofa was belched, burned, spoiled, behind the back, there were a skinned banana, husk, swaddle of apples, wrappers, cigarette butts…. Gopniks or homeless people would probably need 5-6 days for a level of shit. NaUKMA is the coolest again. After this, the administration made it clear that the unauthorized destruction of the walls means eviction from the campus. Therefore, I had to confine myself to only a room. Yet.

Then we began to shell out three walls with foam – for sound insulation and to have decorations. Later this year, wallpaper was glued, shelves and racks were made, books were collected on bookcrossing.

At the moment, paintings are being created for the scenery of the viewer’s part. We expect that someone is notvegetable, do care, or just somebody will join, bring their ideas, joy, and effort.

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