A pilot project of social service “Instant delivery of food in the dormitory”


The repair service is already in place and operates successfully. During the first half months of the work, many bookshelves, bedside tables, mirrors, hangers, paintings, curtain rods have already been fixed, the doors of the trusses have been repaired, door locks, heavy wallpapers have been glued. Life on Troyeshchyna became a little bit more comfortable.

The next step is the pilot launch of a new service ‘Instant delivery of food in the dormitory’. It often happens that because of studying or working there is not enough strength or time, and sometimes even the desire to cook something. Sometimes, just in the evening, I want something delicious, but it’s so difficult to break away from the internet or a book, or a good movie and to go to the store. And sometimes just friends came to sit, and crispy toast, bread with jam, or pancakes or sushi, and even Italian pasta with tuna will be an excellent addition to a warm conversation.

The main thing is that now it will be possible to expand the limits of our comfort. There will be a choice that has not yet been made. Therefore, start voting, which will form a menu of food, which would like the most to make it 10 minutes after the call delivered. The main thing is not to be passive when we have the opportunity to organize our living space. You can vote for three dishes. Also, add your ideas and join the project directly!

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