I still believe the sickle is near my balls!

Tears: Sickles exist while you believe in it.

And are you brave enough to take a sickle from balls?

I came to the university and sat in front of the selection committee. Long before I was admitted, I was told that from the very moment of birth each boy and girl has a sickle near their eggs. Over time, the children grow up and with this all the stronger blade is pressed to the scrotums of billions. The acuity of the metal, its exciting polis and the chill begin to ring  when it’s the end of …SCHOOl. We have nightmares, the device is more and

баллсmore uncomfortable and it drapes panties. Parents are more and more remind us about

it, talking in secret at night in excited and stubborn voices in the kitchen. Thinking that we are sleeping. It turns out that everyone around knows about the sickle near the balls. – It’s ok that you do not see. No one sees. But it is there. I know exactly. Only some are capable of seeing, although there are thousands who say they feel kind of a metallic taste sometime. ‘

I sat for a long time, as long as they remembered about my presence, spitting out the questions about my name, the address. – ‘Call me the totalitarian gray average shell. I am not a person, but only it  translucent shadow. I’m a ghost in this location. There are just as barely visible and the ice-enabled euphemispheric pale entities around me. Our world is similar to the country of FIRE and to the city of ASH.

– Congratulations, you are t̶a̶k̶e̶n̶ ̶i̶n̶t̶o̶ ̶a̶c̶c̶o̶u̶n̶t, registered. Our power open all the prospect of prosperous prosperity. You do not even imagine how much we will teach you. Get ready to new methods, techniques, tools, technology, approaches. With the gained knowledge, you will feel confident as a frozen acrobat. The influence of experience in the ocean of your knowledge will be so organic that even invisible. With such a level, you will simply do the theory without even mentioning of practice and you will live like that forever and that’s all. You will not take care about the tricks on the path, recusants, various upstarts, crazy innovators, anti-system posters and pseudo-rebels. You do not have to deal with infantile anarchists with inclination to immobilization.

One day, sooner or later, the time will come and you will reach a level for which there will be only one understanding, it is constant. And there will be no space for doubts, and internal worms will no longer have any food. Truth  will wash your face like cold water. YOU WERE BORN FOR A SECOND TIME. ‘

I stop listening, I have to think.

Idk if this sickle is real or not, but people here already killed minutes, drunk blood of their dreams, destroy body of their aspirations. And that is because of the diplomas.

P.P.S. I challenge you. Let them cut off balls. When they fall to the ground, I’m not sorry about a diploma anymore

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