Retro cartridges and broken tips


It’s no secret that NaUKMA is not having best times now. The pressure, the budget deficit, coming of new ones, who have no clue about the Mohyla spirit. That’s why I wanna tell you what may be useful. Although  it seems like just tell.

Not so long ago (this is still going on), university administration is trying to make a project. It wants students  to pay for using of ‘additional’ household appliances. It supposedly should become another source of budget revenues, as well as a way of saving resources. An additional argument is the obsoleteness and impotence of wiring in door rooms, which flexes from the kettle load.


However, making students pay even a little bit more without improving living conditions

is difficult, because the idea itself is unnatural. Common sense suggests that it would be appropriate to install meters for light and water on each block. But it doesn’t seem to be possible for the current manager.

That’s why I want to note one very interesting nuance. In most of the dormitory’s tenants in Troyeschyna, the  light is on in the bathroom and in the shower and in the whole kitchen all night. Firstly, it’s because the bulb holders are very old and the contacts are super bad. It means that the if you turn in and off the light many times, bulbs burn out in 2-3 weeks or even less. Since buying bulbs every week does not work for students, then the rule was not to turn off the light at all. This experience is carefully transmitted from the alumnis to new ones. Secondly,  there is no light in the corridors of blocks. So, it is necessary to turn on the light in toilets, in the showers and in the kitchens. No one wants to be injured, going out to pee at night. Even on a day the corner of the corridor is dark, It feels like now unknowns will fly from it and plunder. A good solution would be to install energy-saving lamps in corridors.

Another interesting point is broken cranes, shower heads and toilet bowls. Even not one pool of water is wasted for a month because of it.

But, nevertheless, despite all this, I look at the future optimistically. I think that this state of affairs will only aggravate the situation and ineffective methods of management simply can not withstand silent evolutionary progress and competition.

Also, I absolutely do not expect my post to change anything. I just need to write about something. Otherwise for what to have a blog?


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