Life Manual


Terms of use: copy-paste and translation from Ruslan Kotsaba
  1. Discover what do you really like. This is the most important and most difficult thing. The golden rule says – do what brings you real pleasure, and then you will become much happier. But we have to be ready for the fact that finding a way is a marathon can last many years.
  2. Get rid of the garbage you eat, drink and smoke every day. No secrets and crazy diets – just natural food, fruits, vegetable, water. There is no need to become a vegetarian and completely stop  drinking – it is enough just to limit sugar, flour, coffee, alcohol and all plastic food, as much as possible.


  1. Learn foreign languages. It will expand the depth of perception of the world and

  1. will open unlimited perspectives for studying, development and  career growth. There are 60 millions of Russian-speaking Internet users and one billion of English-speaking. The centre of progress is now on the other side of the border, including language border. Knowing  English nowadays is not just a whim of intellectuals, but a vital necessity.
  2. Read books. Start with your professional area, history, natural science, personal growth, sociology, psychology, biography, high-quality fiction. If you don’t have time to read because you are a driver, than listen to audiobooks. Golden rule says to  read or listen at least one book a week. This is 50 books a year that will change your life.


  1. Try to spend every weekend with a profit. Visit museums and exhibitions, go in for sports, or walk to the downtown, skip parachute, visit relatives, watch a good movie. Expand the zone of contact with the world. When you have everything done, take friends with you and tell them what you know. What is the most important – do not stay at home. The more impressions you have and feel, the more interesting life you will have, and the better you will understand things and phenomena.
  2. Start writing a diary or blogging. No matter what it will be about. It is not a problem that you do not speak eloquence and you will have no more than 10 followers. The main idea is to write down your thoughts. And if you write regularly about what you love, readers will definitely come.

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  1. Set goals. Fix them on paper, in Word or in blog. The main thing is to make them clear, understandable and measurable. If you set a goal, you can either achieve it or not. If you do not do this, then there are no options at all.
  2. Learn how to print on the keyboard in a flash – not to be able to do this in the 21st century is the same as you do not know how to write in the 20th. Time is one of the few treasures you have, and you have to be able to print almost as quickly as you think. You do not have to think about where is the letter you need, but about what you write.
  3. Manage your time. Learn to control your businesses so that they work almost without your participation. To begin with, read Allen (Getting Things Done) or Glib Arkhangelsky. Make  decision quickly, act immediately, do not postpone “for later”. Either do everything, or delegate to someone. Try not to keep the ball on your side. Write down all the “long-playing” cases that have not been solved yet and spoil your life. Carefully think them over, whether you need do these (remembering p.1). Try to solve what’s left  for a few days, and you feel incredible ease.
  4. Refuse to play computer games, aimless sitting in social networks and blind surfing  the Internet. Minimize communication in social networks (up to optimization – leave only one account). Brake down the television antenna in the apartment. To avoid checking email every five minutes, install an application that will notify you of incoming messages (including mobile).


  1. Stop reading the news. Everyone will talk about key events and extra noise information does not help with better decision-making
  2. Try to get up early. The paradox is that in the early hours you always have more time than in the evening. If you leave Moscow at 7 o’clock in the morning, you will arrive to Yaroslavl at about 10. If you leave in the 10th, then you will be there until dinner. The same thing with shopping on weekends. 7 hours of sleep is enough for a person to provide physical activity and normal nutrition of a good quality.
  3. Try to surround yourself with honest, open minded and successful people. We are mirroring our environment, from whom we learn everything we know. Spend more time with people you respect and from who you can learn something (it’s especially important for your boss to fall into the category of such people). Thereafter, try to minimize communication with people, negative, vague, pessimistic and evil. To become higher, you must strive upwards, and the presence of people next to whom you want to grow will be a great stimulus itself.
  4. Use every moment and every person in order to learn something new. If life brings you to a professional in some field, try to understand what the essence of his work is, what are his motivations and goals. Learn to ask the right questions – even a tax collector can become a priceless source of information.
  5. Start  traveling. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough money for visiting Argentina and New Zealand – the quality of vacation depends not on the amount of money spent for it.  All my best trips were to the regions that are were neither posh, nor expensive. When you see the diversity of the world, you will stop clinging to a small space around you, and become more tolerant, calm and wise.


  1. Buy a camera (even simplest one) and try to catch the beauty of the world. If you succeed, you will keep in your memory not only the impression, but also beautiful photos taken by you. As an alternative, try drawing, singing, dancing, making sculptures, designing, writing diaries. Doing these things is a way for you the look differently at the world.
  2. Start doing sports. It is not necessary to go to the fitness club, where cock diesels, pick-uppers, balzac ladies and freaks are hanging out. Yoga, climbing, bicycle,  bars, football, running, plyometrics, swimming, functional training are best friends of a person who wants to restore the body tone and get a splash of endorphins. Forget about elevator. If you need to walk less than 10 floors, go by foot. After  three months of methodical work you will see how your body has changed.
  3. Do some extraordinary things. Go to places where you have never been before, change a usual way to work, get into a problem that is new for you. Get out of your “comfort zone”, expand your knowledge and horizonts. Rearrange furniture in your house (and do it once a year), change appearance, hairstyle, image.
  4. Invest your money. It would be perfect to save up some part of your income every month. Remember that rich person is not the one who earns a lot, but the one who invests a lot. Try to invest in assets, minimize liabilities and totally control money. If you set the financial goal and put your personal money in order, you will be surprised how easy you will achieve your aim.
  5. Get rid of a trash. Throw away all the things that you are not wearing and using for the last year (you will not use it next year for sure ). You should keep only  what you really like and need. If there is a pity to throw things away you can give them to people who need. When buying something new, get rid of the old one to keep the balance. The less things you have – less dust and headache.


  1. Give more than you take. Share your knowledge, experience and ideas. A person who not only takes, but also shares, is incredibly attractive. You may know something that others really want to learn.
  2. Perceive the world as it is. Avoid making value judgements,  accept all phenomena as initially neutral. And what i would be even better – as definitely positive.
  3. Forget about what was in the past. It has nothing to do with your future. Keep you only experience, knowledge, good relations and positive impressions.
  4. Do not be afraid. There are no irresistible obstacles, and all doubts and fears only exist in your head. It’s not necessary to be a warrior, you just have to see the goal, avoid the obstacles and know that you will reach your aim without a single chance to fail.
  5. The last one, and it’s the first. Do what you like. Study. Be a Teacher to someone. Grow up and change your inner self. Be useful.

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