Bogdan Dubyliovsky. 18 Cases

My work experience in 18 cases       CV



  1. Advertising segmentation for U-Report (budget 200 000 UAH for 120 days).
  2. Case of cooperation with news agency Firtka

Results: more than 12 0000 new subscribers for seven months; 35% of total site traffic is now being generated from Facebook)

  1. Promotion of media holding ecosystem on trade with China – Chinese Kompot  

Territory: CIS  

Results: the number of referrals to the site increased for 70%; the number of completed forms – for 24% ; +12,000 followers for 6 months

  1. Working with Check Point Business Media. Full page management. Examples of posting in specialized sections.
  2. Promoted a community on Fb from the ground up to 13 000 of participants in half a year. In this project, I’ve pumped my skills of creating interactive content, improved methods of activation and inclusion of the audience to the interaction with content.
  3. A highly specialized SMM outsourcing work as a contractor. I used this landing page  to receive the orders. One of the recent projects – ASFUDS case We spent $ 20 in fb-advertising and used personal interaction with networks of moderators of thematic groups. It became possible to get 23 registration for an educational trip to France for travel agency specialized in medical tourism. The average tour price is $ 550.  ROI = 63150%.  Due to extremely detailed targeting of the audience the return rate was much higher than client expected. We used such filters as: professions of doctors, certain names of clinics, those who had flights during last 90 days, expensive wine lovers, owners of cottages, pets, those whose income was above average, etc. Here is an example of monthly report.


  1. Writing and free posting of articles on top digital-resources with references and links to the company’s website. Example: interview article for DOU – Ukrainians in the Facebook ecosystem. Result: 10,696 views of a high-quality narrow-targeted IT-audience.


2) Outstanding cultural and public projects media-drives. Inventing and realizing events with a WOW-effect. A good example is Borsch with cops. As a result of high-speed methods of PR there were more journalists than participants.

Others: Socio-cultural map, 1st in Ukraine public bike workshop, hunting for bicycle thieves


Marketing in politics

  1. Carrying out forming sociological surveys in majoritarian districts. I was fully engaged in recruiting, selecting and training a call center team of 35 operators.  We developed questionnaires, provided training for operators, managed all the work of the center with my assistant. There were about 40 members in my team. We managed to call to all the city X subscribers (the base of 70 000 fixed numbers) for two weeks. Two weeks later, the base of 60,000 cell phones was finished. I have an experience with  such a project for three times and all 3 candidates were elected to the Parliament. I had another similar project in the live street surveys format. Additionally I was engaged in transport logistics and development of monitoring system.


Crisis PR

  1. We have engaged 8000 of target audience to Faine Misto Festival facebook page for less than three months involving a variety of tools. There we had faced a complicated situation, because tickets were badly sold, and there was very little time to start of a festival.
  2. It took me 9 hours to bring the news to the top 10 news of the Ukrainian Facebook. Daily result: 406 likes, 54 comments, 125 shares, 46 shares from the website. The client wanted to remain anonymous.
  3. Crisis PR case for a public forum in Kharkiv. The top speakers (Yevgeny Hlibovitsky, Yaroslav Hrytsak, etc.) were invited, but the PR contractor let them down. At the first day of the event there came less than 20% of the expected visitors. You must admit the fact that there were top speakers. The client asked me for emergency assistance and I applied express promotion methods. During one day, we managed to achieve the following results: more 32,000 coverage, 1100 reviews of  the event page and what was the most important, 120 people came to the forum the next day. Channels we used: fb advertising, work with opinion leaders, posting news in local media and communities, attracting personal contacts network.


Hard Skills

1) Im a driver since 2008 year, (category B driver’s license)

2) Registered as a private entrepreneur of 3d group. Here is  the List of NACEs. It is very easy and effective to keep records with me.

3) I have an experience as a trainer. Topic: Sexual education for young people in small cities.

4) Facilitate work and decision-making processes in developing annual strategies for NGOs.

5) British Council’s Activated CITIZENS Certified Master Program Facilitator. As a part of it, I was authorized by BC and worked closely with grassroots initiatives. Competence: mentoring

6) I have been keeping a diary for 14 year already and it pumped my skills in situation analysis and text writing.

7) Experienced in developing and writing own macros, scripts and plugins for modifying and automazing work in Facebook

8) Using of G-Drive, Todoist, G-calendar, +2 years

9) Google Adw, Google Analytics + 4 years

10) Blind method of fast printing (more than 385 symbols / min


theLong Resume


Other skills and experience

  1. Creating of business-card and landing sites for small businesses:
  2. Coverage of Corporate Social Responsibility Charity Bicycle Rental

   Result: The most recognizable brand of bicycle rental in the city.

3) Experienced in working with Android / iOS developers on Google Play Console  (Two Apps for Play Market).

4) Wrote the sketch for social advertising fund ‘Do not be indifferent!’

5) Published my own book ‘Zvyzdobolid’ (collection of modern Ukrainian futurism)

6) Ive been blogging for 7 years already

7) An example of a creative test task for two new tastes of yogurt

8) Complete development and maintenance of online and offline marketing of the Homer Hostel  brand.


9) Cultural project on the basis of GO-STAN in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut in Ukraine: the creation of a virtual museum of underground culture in Lugansk. Responsible for the concept design of the site, communication with IT-developers contractors. Experienced of implementing five website projects – including developing a site map, UI, filling them with CEO-content, running an IT contractor work process (for example, the travel-company ).

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