Top 70 the most heartfelt girls desires

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The list of how to become an ideal boyfriend

  1. To buy crazy second hand clothes and go in it to the restaurant
  2. Cunnilingus is how you satisfy
  3. To exchange passwords from Vk and Facebook, but to log in to a page one another only with the permission. That`s trust.
  4. Fill in a tattoo
  5. To have very-very-very-very light BDSM against my will, with a passion that I will not even think about salvationбажання.jpg
  6. To have sex on the roof under the stars. To have sex on nature – forest, field, near lake( our exhibitionism) or in the toilet (public place). To have sex on the beach in the evening, where it will be incredibly warm and cozy, sunset will just be luxuriously rich and passionate, we will dream about a cocktail with ice cubes that will explode the desire to just go mad and to love until the morning (it would be great to wake up in our room, at home or somewhere in there).
  7. Parachute jump
  8. Unexpectedly meet me with flowers, toy balloon near the university or at home
  9. Go on a hike (even if it’s again) and ride bikes half the country, at least my area
  10. To pretend being married for a week
  11. During sex to bawl , yell, to whisper something kind or erotic, to say more often whether I do right and how to be nicer, to forgive if I’m doing something wrong perhaps I am not experienced enough or maybe not brave, or not sure the partner will understand me.
  12. when I’m angry or offended, push me against the wall, tell about your feelings and gently kiss, kiss, and kisssss
  13. To understand my errors in pronunciation, my forgetfulness,  my sometimes carelessness or ignorance in something
  14. To run barefoot through puddles in summer
  15. You introduce me to your friends and we spent time all together. I want my boyfriend to tell me how much he loves me in front of his best friends.
  16. To do photo shoot together. You arranged it for us to stop time.
  17. Go to Poland.
  18. To live in the abandoned house in the mountains
  19. To have a sweet coffee (strawberry or chocolate) with croissant in bed.I want you  to wake me in the morning for three days with a cup of hot coffee and chocolate. I need it. During the week you are pleased me by breakfast in bed
  20. To watch Hachiko ahah
  21. To draw graffiti
  22. I`ve always dreamed about huge “Love you” painted on a wall or on the pavement. Label – confessions of love under the snow (no matter how it will be placed) – enjoy.
  23. Come to my home, work or to the pair in the most unexpected moment and kiss passionately.
  24. I dream about huge kinder-surprise, mega-large bouquet of flowers or a soft toy to sleep with.
  25. Cover me gently and softly with blanket at night.
  26. To draw together small picture ( even two) and store it in the wallet
  27. Always (ALWAYS) tap my hair so it looks good and not prevent
  28. Love kissing on the neck
  29. A caring and cute “SMS or Bell-reminder” about your feelings every day (but it must be a SINCERE message).
  30. To cook together super complicated dish, and even if it will not tasty to eat it :)I want you to help me/took the equivalent part in the modeling dumplings (potato+mushrooms), feed me tangerines or to make snowman together in front of the windows.
  31. OU. To say that all my food is delicious, even if in fact it is necessary to davitisâ them
  32. To go shopping with me AHAH
  33. You to take the initiative when I am irritated. For example, ask people who interfere in public transport or at home to talk quieter, turned off the music; or request a man who step on my leg to be careful.
  34. I dream that  you will gallantly put a chair in the cafe every time and put on a jacket, open the door etc.
  35. To go together to a music festival in the summer. Hit the super cool concert and have much fun there. To go the sea in the summer, spent a day on a nudist beach, swim naked in the sea – nudist
  36. To walk in the unfamiliar night city in the rain, holding hands, go to the first-best cafe, order a hawk and sleep on your knees, or in the arms. Ahaahahaa To walk through the torrential rain – dampened together. To  play snowballs in some kind of desert terrain, and then kiss for a long time, staying in the snow – worrying.
  37. We hitchhike somewhere – hippie. We put a tent on the 9th floor and live there for 2 days, to walk the whole night in a fallen city. You arrange for us to flee from the city far away for the weekend, and at the same time we have not warned anyone about our plans – you are crazy. I  want us to sleep at the train station, of course, unplanned, in the most unpretentious situation (where we will be taken by the police, we refuse to show documents and will be sent to the police, where we will sleep next two days in the company of tramps and drug addicts). In fact, the most secret desire in a similar situation would be incredible support and understanding from the partner, the desire to see me as I am: dirty hair, with ugly makeup or without it, in ugly clothes or mood. Otherwise, I’m  stuffed in a shell like a snail and I will sit there until better, calmer times.
  38. To collect a large number of various patches of cloth from different cities while travelling and make from it an enormous plaid to wrap myself in it.
  39. I want you to stay in my house for week, however, we don`t have sex.
  40. To ride the roller coaster or something very – very scaring together ( if I don`t agree to do things like that, it doesn`t mean I don`t want to. I just worry about something, about what I will look like etc, that`s why without blandishments  I will doubt whether boy really wants to experience these emotions with me or not (this concerns not only roller coaster or other attractions).I will start self-chastising, drowning in this agitation and the only salvation in these situations is my partner, only with his help things will go back to normal in my super-difficult female logic.
  41. Not to make fun of me and not to bully me if I look horrible in the photo + to post pictures of two of us in social media. I want to give my boyfriend a photo to put it in a frame mmm
  42. I want you to let me handcuff you to wall bar and do whatever I want wit you.
  43. To try some extreme kind of sport, your choice. I want to go scuba diving somewhere in the Red sea and visit Tibetan monks, check on Egyptian Pharaohs and have tea with Santa Claus somewhere under Polar sky, I want to hire an auto in the USA and see the Red canyon, get down to the cave in torrid Africa and make out of love under warm waterfall.
  44. Always warm my cold hands and legs, when neither plaid nor tea can help them, but I would feel incredibly warm and cozy inside thanks to ongoing concern. It is particularly important at night, because I can wake up of cold and don`t fall asleep anymore, and spend the whole night all alone in a brown study being afraid to disturb my partner`s dream.
  45. To live together for a long time (preferably in a small cozy town or a big one, Lviv , for example,  whatever, this is not the point). It`s some kind of honesty and fairness examination, household war, in which our allied force go phut or gain an absolute victory, helping and standing together. I certainly enjoy the second variant more, so there is no turning back.
  46. To share with me interesting articles, books and conclusions, which were read and done recently. This will to share little achievements with me is extremely important for me, it is some kind of recognition that partner is ready to share his conclusions, which open doors to other worlds like keys. That way, these doors and these worlds will be also mine, which means our, we will appeal the same knowledge. For my part, I`ll feel gladness from the same thing.
  47. To go to the dance together, to learn how to perform tango or just waltz. To learn together. Then to take on other master classes or training ( I feed a special passion to such things).
  48. Long phoning everyday. This is the care and attention.

    If the partner does not want to talk on the phone – it’s 0 attention on his part, it’s 0 experiences and support. Otherwise, how can relationships stay away. Talking   means much more for me than spending evening in a company with an unknown person in an unknown restaurant, even super cool. I want support and advise, know that partner will listen to me, wish goodnight and want to listen to my snore. This is called happiness sometimes .
  49. You to draw our portrait.
  50.  You to decorate my room with balloons – so it was a surprise for me-warm and cozyдівчата в команді - це половина успіху.jpg
  51. You to dedicated me something personally written – poetry, story, perhaps a romantic story
  52. You to  dance 15-minutes striptease for me – makes happy
  53. You to make a romantic evening for us two in the French style – with dinner cooked by you – love you
  54. You to give me a bouquet of the valley among the winter. You  to give me a bouquet of wild daisies.
  55. I want to go in a sex shop together and choose something we both like (imagination). We play in the role play – my scenario – you obey.  
  56. You arranged an coffee evening and love lyrics in absolute silence.
  57. You to make me an hour relaxing massage/ -relax
  58. You to give me a feeling of fairy-tales. I want to feel very little and to be in a beautifully-fairy world.
  59. You to gift me something made by you. – you master
  60. You to make night of irresistible laughter and quality jokes/ – you laugh
  61. You to arrange for us horse riding. – you activate
  62. You to create dance for “Never Too Late” (3 Days Grace) and we study it together – you come up with it.
  63. To have three people sex, if the third person is a boy, and only if you feel comfortable enough for this – you excite.
  64. You to play the guide –  show the city, its museums, etc. while the entire tour must be in English – you teach.
  65.  For the week we only talk with letters – leaving them in a special place (by appointment) – write
  66. You To allow me to make you a hairdo in the morning and be like this all day – let
  67. You to promise me in a creative way that we will remain friends – whatever happens –  be friends.
  68. During the week you to come to me in the evening and read fairy tales- care
  69. To make me makeup. – create

Let`s go to the old grandparents (take over the experience of the older generation, ask what they regret about at this age, what are they proud of, how did they grow together, what nonsense they have done and what they have not done yet to use this knowledge later and do our own life together little bit closer to the perfect). One summer evening, where even the sunset does not save from the hot wind, feeling a pleasant fatigue, we ask for one night at strangers` house. We would have opened an old couple’s door – a man and a wife, aged under 70, offered to stay and they would have told us about their lives, their wisdom and the future that they did not receive. Night, sweets, strawberry jam and light only from candles, asterisks in the sky outside the window, quietly mumbled of a cat on the threshold, we thank. The whole village fell asleep, even the frogs are no longer creeping, only the dog with a watchful eye protects our calmness.

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