About Me

I’ve decided to translate the top-70 posts from my blog into english. This is the first one. Big Thanks for help to Leksa and Luda.

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A traveling dreamer, idealist, maximalist, fine art connoisseur , and a quirky! I am able to walk on hands and  move my  eyebrows to the music. Batiar, var’ât, romancer. Blogger…

Above all, I love evenings in Carpathians when you are far away in the mountains, and there is just a single light and you are so close with the small company and sad guitar and thoughts plunge together with the smoke.

Another my idyll: community and artistic activity – to install bicycle parking, open bike rental locations, put on public boxing pears and audio garbage cans, publish books, to sound any underground movies (and the process is even cooler than the result :), turning the roofs on sports grounds, swimming pools, parks, setting up creative garbage cans, make avant-garde surrealistic tourism.

Support and friendship are what I appreciate the most  in the world. That were the only things that I had never had enough, not enough now – and would never be enough…  ( i don’t know if it’s even possible to understand)

I conquered the Chernobyl zone, carried a coffin with communist leaders, dismantled the pads to sit on the roofs of high-rise buildings, made surrealistic performances, climbed on a date in Romeo`s style, graffit nationalistic symbols, once led an inter-confessional war (confiscated Jehovah’s Witnesses propaganda stuff, overgrown them with quite specific kefir and other smelly farts – they created the ground, attacked, strangled, digged), worked as a masseur, cleaner, tutor, child`s carpenter, educator, newspaper distributor, had been deployed a analytical journal for 7 years, and have been doing sport since 13 y.o. It seems that in those 13 I was stolen by representatives of the alien civilization, because it switched – from Gopnik through integral nationalism evolved in a expressive Nietzschean socialist-atheist. I greatly despise the “cops”, the high officials and the  “silver spoons”. I hate the grassroots (laymen) and the petty bourgeoisie. I hitchhiked over 15 thousand kilometers.

After numerous attempts to find my place in the social structure of the society (to build my business, find highly-skilled-paid- hired-by specialty job), I entered into a little bit of despair  and went into labour migration – a laborer at the construction site in London in order to collect money for one’s dreams, ideas, projects.

My identity is blurred and lost.

For half a year before graduation from university- i refused university education in general, and specifically – Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

I have a bicycle, pneumatic weapon, slingshot, radio transmitters, a bug and 40 packs of ‘Verhovyna’ ‘.

In extreme situations I am quick to mobilize, inclined to cannibalism. I am sanguine. I do not like the pedicans, who tend to actualize and articulate their sausage-bread-bakery identity. I love to collect mushrooms, I can sniff dried white mushrooms while my nose is in a three-liter boot, that is on a gas stove.

I love pistachio and athena ice cream and I do not like when I can not spit or mock. Without enthusiasm I enter into a slaughter. I eat a lot of corn flakes, I can not envy, because I realize that person pays a high price for every achievement .

My idol is the fruit of the Incestal Orgy of Don Quixote, Bender and Jim Carrey.

I love the wide ranges of emotions, life manifestations, existential states. I take pride in all the highly concentrated, nuclear, over the grotesque.

I am convinced that it is better to flash with a bright welded bolide in thirty than to rot from the inside of the old, foggy, effervescent grandfather.


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