Ultimate guide to kyivs 1-euro-bars

What can 1 euro buy in a bar? In some of the Kyiv bars, anything.
A new craze for 1-euro bars, where all or most items on the menu cost just around Hr 30, is sweeping the capital, with new venues popping up around the city center.

Bilyi Nalyv

Kyiv’s first cider house can be recognized by the long queue of customers on Khreshchatyk Street patiently waiting to place an order. The line usually moves fast though, because the orders are processed quickly.


Most of its beverages are based on apples, hence the name Bilyi Nalyv — a popular apple

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Підсуки Ярмарки Вакансій 2018

Щороку у Києві проходить Ярмарка Вакансій від Kyiv Post. Цього разу мені пощастило бути в команді організаторів. Прийшло більше 1400 відвідувачів.

Познайомився з рекрутерам дуже крутих компаній. Це надзвичайно крутий нетворкінг

Презентація              Стаття в Kyiv Post             Сайт

History of the establishment of the artistic center ‘Khaltura’


presentation on the wall demolition (document with pictures, interior design, concept)

Two dudes at night. Corridor hostel. A sleeping conversation about everything, nothing, and life.

– It would be nice to put up sofas on each floor.

– Yeah, it’s also possible to get for free or to buy old ones.

It all began like this. Quite often, we met at night, in the evenings, in the days, in the kitchens, and discussed a variety of exciting ideas that IF to do them and what to do and how bad it is and that all these vegetables(people) are passive, fearful, sloth, etc. But the expressed idea was perceived by us as an accomplished and completed task. Thoughts were inseparable from words; words had nothing in common with actions. But everything went wrong because at this night an aversion to idleness and an irrelevant, detached from life chatter became especially aggravated. Therefore, we just went and brought a free sofa found on the Internet. We collected 200 hryvnias for it delivery walking from room to room on two floors of the dorm room. That was enough for us. We were fatigued. We picked up 600 UAH. So, it becomes clear that it is possible to set up a sofa for local parties in the lobby of each floor near the elevators. The project started and one storey was already ready. The idea grew. Now reading space on the 9th floor was supposed to combine with the artistic center. We had to destroy two walls, connect the room with a corridor and a hall and lock the door. That is to divide the passage into two and make it impenetrable.

However, precisely two days later it happened. The sofa was belched, burned, spoiled, behind the back, there were a skinned banana, husk, swaddle of apples, wrappers, cigarette butts…. Gopniks or homeless people would probably need 5-6 days for a level of shit. NaUKMA is the coolest again. After this, the administration made it clear that the unauthorized destruction of the walls means eviction from the campus. Therefore, I had to confine myself to only a room. Yet.

Then we began to shell out three walls with foam – for sound insulation and to have decorations. Later this year, wallpaper was glued, shelves and racks were made, books were collected on bookcrossing.

At the moment, paintings are being created for the scenery of the viewer’s part. We expect that someone is notvegetable, do care, or just somebody will join, bring their ideas, joy, and effort.

A pilot project of social service “Instant delivery of food in the dormitory”


The repair service is already in place and operates successfully. During the first half months of the work, many bookshelves, bedside tables, mirrors, hangers, paintings, curtain rods have already been fixed, the doors of the trusses have been repaired, door locks, heavy wallpapers have been glued. Life on Troyeshchyna became a little bit more comfortable.

The next step is the pilot launch of a new service ‘Instant delivery of food in the dormitory’. It often happens that because of studying or working there is not enough strength or time, and sometimes even the desire to cook something. Sometimes, just in the evening, I want something delicious, but it’s so difficult to break away from the internet or a book, or a good movie and to go to the store. And sometimes just friends came to sit, and crispy toast, bread with jam, or pancakes or sushi, and even Italian pasta with tuna will be an excellent addition to a warm conversation.

The main thing is that now it will be possible to expand the limits of our comfort. There will be a choice that has not yet been made. Therefore, start voting, which will form a menu of food, which would like the most to make it 10 minutes after the call delivered. The main thing is not to be passive when we have the opportunity to organize our living space. You can vote for three dishes. Also, add your ideas and join the project directly!

603 кг дівчат у BMW

Подякувати автору за відео


Сталося так, що то дуже весело коли напихатися напхом – так влаштована людська природа: хочеться драйву, пригод, авантюр, цікавості.

100 DAYS BEFORE THE DEATH | excerpts of the future novel


ми гарячі

Plyumbum as always woke up at 4 am, dressed up and in a hurry, without breakfast, rushed to the elevator. On the third floor, the lift door suddenly opened, the bright light blinked, and scared yellow face jumped out, kicking someone’s cat. Breathless and tired in an attack of an unspeakable feeling, stranger crashed onto the door 476, double-clicked on the bell. From the neighboring 477, there was a rush of the newspaper and a powerful fall sound.

At the same time, with blackened swelling and bloody veins in the eyes, under a monotonous, as drops from the tap, the old watch Schultz carefully drew too complicated and exact drawings. He was stooped even worse

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Що конкретно дає ведення особистого Щоденника? | cтаж 14 років

Вплив ведення особистого щоденника на:
розвиток когнітивних процесів
глибину розуміння реальності
розвиток особистості
алгоритми поведінки
естетичні смаки
практичні навички письма, аналізу, синтезу
 #інституціолізованаРефлексія       #ціліснаОсобистість   #практикаКультивуванняCамоусвідомлення.

Предмет дослідження: щоденник – як педагогічний метод інституціолізованої фіксації рефлексії над досвідом власної особистості, інструмент розвитку самості та ідентичності

Мета дослідження: доведення значущості та ефективності використання даного методу та введення його у практику вітчизняної педагогіки в системі освіти України; імплементація в шкільний навчальний процес факультативу ‘Щоденниковедення’…як поглиблювати власну особистість, розширювати межі внутрішньої і зовнішньої свободи і нарощувати якість та довершеність у перетворенні навколишнього середовища
Дане дослідження базується на результатах експерименту, який ми розпочали у 2008 році. Людям різного віку(від 9 до 19) було запропоновано вести особисті щоденники. Наступним етапом було створення простору публічності: щоденники без зазначення авторства порівнювалися та аналізувалися, простежувалась еволюція текстів та еволюція поведінки індивідів. Був проведений кількісний та Continue reading “Що конкретно дає ведення особистого Щоденника? | cтаж 14 років”